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Journeys Two Teacher's Resource

Journeys – Religious Education for Key Stage 3 Northern Ireland is a three book course that has been written specifically to address the Revised Core Syllabus for Religious Education in Northern Ireland as well as the Revised NI Curriculum. This three-book course:

  • provides opportunities to develop thinking skills and personal capabilities;
  • is skills-based rather than content-led;
  • helps develop transferable skills and empowers independent learning;
  • features opportunities for personal reflection and assessment for learning.

Each pupil book is structured into chapters which look at a key topic. These are further broken down into units of work which are designed to be used as individual lessons. The chapter ends with a big task to assess pupils’ learning. The teacher book supports the teacher by providing a lesson plan for each unit in the book.

The lesson plans outline the learning objectives and outcomes of the lesson and the skills it helps develop and breaks the lesson down into starter, development, plenary, homework suggestions and extension activities. In addition there is a wealth of worksheets - providing additional resources for the classroom.