OCR – AS GCE European and World History Enquiries Unit F964: Modern

Unit 2 Dictatorship and Democracy in Germany, 1933–63

Essay Question 1 (a)

Students are required to compare two sources. To do so effectively students should identify individual points of similarity and difference in the content of the sources. It is wise to mark the question paper to identify the points you want to make before writing. Students should also comment on either the nature of the sources in terms of their quality and/or the provenance of the source, explaining how the authorship and time of writing might explain the similarities and differences between the sources. Notice, for example, that the sources have different views on how to deal with Garibaldi but similar concerns that a war with Austria might occur. Comment on the relative stance of the prime minister and king concerning Piedmont and the king's international standing. Both sources were intended for a restricted but quite different audience. How does this affect their reliability?

Exemplar Question - 1 (a)

  1. (a) Study Sources A and B.Compare these Sources as evidence for the situation after Garibaldi's conquest of Sicily. [30 marks]